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Foresight and actionable
intelligence, not more data.

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Built to run on existing plant data, Golgix's AI software equips operators to predict and prevent failures on automated lines without additional hardware or development.

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  • Performance Tracker:
    With digital transformation, the ability to track and understand key data points has become increasingly important. Our Performance Tracker uses your current unstructured machine and process data to boost production efficiency by tracking key manufacturing KPIs in real-time. With Performance Tracker, you’ll have all the information you need to take your production efficiency to the next level.
  • Downtime Explorer:
    Take a holistic look at your production floor and understand what goes wrong to reduce or eliminate unplanned downtime. In addition to providing insight into the types of failures that happen on your floors, this tool also helps you learn the true cost of unplanned downtime - making informed decisions becomes easier than ever before.
  • Andon Digital:
    From the library of Lean Apps, Andon Digital helps you shorten idle and response times, remove communication barriers and boost your lean manufacturing practices. Our easy-to-use Lean apps make it simple to improve your productivity and efficiency.
  • Root Cause Detector:
    Our Machine learning-powered root cause detector uses your existing machine data to help identify factors that are causing issues. It’s the perfect tool for uncovering the component-level root causes of your unplanned downtime, so you can address them head-on and prevent them from happening again. With Root Cause Detector, you will have the information you need to get your machines back up and running quickly and efficiently.
  • Early Failure Predictor:
    The Early Failure Predictor is our machine learning-powered tool for any manufacturing facility looking to reduce unplanned downtime and keep its production line running smoothly. This tool uses your existing machine data to predict when your machines or the manufacturing process will fail so you can take proactive measures to avoid any disruptions. By real-time detection of these warning signs, you can avoid costly unplanned downtime and keep your production line up and running.
  • Quality Variability Predictor:
    This innovative tool utilizes predictive analytics to collect machine performance indicators that drive product quality. By identifying and preventing defects early in the production cycle, you can improve quality and throughput. Plus, by tracking quality you will reduce inspection time and waste.
  • Real-Time Process Optimizer:
    Our Real-Time Process Optimizer takes the guesswork out of optimizing your production. By providing recommended optimal settings for critical machine operating parameters, you can reduce the chances of process failures, produce goods at the lowest unit cost of production and improve production efficiency.
  • Event Manager:
    Our Event Manager module gives you access to all of the actionable intelligence in real-time, so you can take remedial actions quickly and efficiently. With the Event Manager, you will be able to track changes, reduce waste, and improve overall productivity. Plus, with the built-in collaboration features, your team will be able to work together seamlessly to resolve any issue.


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