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When large manufacturing enterprises lack a full view of how their machines are performing, it’s impossible to prevent failures. To solve this problem, Golgix helped Harley Davidson build that full view from just a few available unstructured machine data points to predict and prepare for machine failures.
PROBLEM: Harley Davidson was experiencing a lack of visibility into machine performance and had limited access to machine-level operations data.  Even with strong baseline performance and adherence to industry best practices, CNC machines extended cycle times and unplanned downtime was restraining production capacity and driving variation to production plans. 
SOLUTION: Leveraging its proprietary manufacturing intelligence platform, Golgix was able to use the data generated by the machine’s onboard controllers to understand machine performance and provide early failure prediction of CNC machines with a lead time of 24-48 hours. Further providing real-time machine and cell-level OEE to create a predictable production environment. In just four weeks, with 28 days of raw operating data from the CNC machines’ Fanuc Pro 6 onboard controllers, Golgix’s technology predicted 91% of CNC machine failures, identified opportunities to prevent 30% of unplanned downtime, and enabled Harley to increase its production capacity by 8-10%.


Liggett Vector Brands is a high volume manufacturing and packaging facility utilizing specialized process equipment. Liggett Vector Brands was suffering from line speed imbalances which traditional control systems and process engineering approaches were unable to address.
PROBLEM: Frequent unplanned downtime and line stoppage was occurring despite best-in-class maintenance and control systems. Objective was to reduce downtime and maximize mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) to increase throughput of all 10 manufacturing lines. 
SOLUTION: As poor line performance and unplanned downtime were driven solely by machine speed imbalance within each manufacturing line, Golgix's real-time optimizer dynamically synchronizes machine speeds across the line to maximize MTBF and eliminate 60.5% of unplanned downtime. Golgix optimization module provides real-time individual machine speed predictions with visibility into the anticipated effect of each potential change delivering OEE improvement of 5-7%.
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